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Notes for May 6, 2020

Everyone, Here are a few updates from Pine Grove for the month of May:

  • We continue to broadcast Wednesday evening Bible Study at 7:00 online through Facebook and the church website at We are not assembling in the sanctuary for Wednesday evenings yet, but we are much closer to that day.

  • Last Sunday's Small Reassembly Service went very well. As designed, we had a small group (just 27 including the pastor) and our Safety Team did a great job of following proper guidelines to help keep everyone safe.

  • We will have another reassembly service next Sunday (Mother's Day) at 11:00 a.m. in our sanctuary. This is not a good day for large groups of family, especially children or grandchildren, or for people who are not members of our church. Please follow the same guidelines as last Sunday when deciding whether or not to attend Sunday. We are planning for a larger group than last Sunday, yet social distance cautions are still in effect.

  • There will be a Sunday 11:00 a.m. broadcast available for people who are staying home.

  • We will not have a Sunday evening service on Mother's Day.

  • We are still receiving offerings via postal mail (address is below my name at the end of this message). Thank you for continuing to give and supporting our church.

  • Each week we get closer to our return to "normal" church hours and assembly times. Let us continue to pray and live Christ-centered lives, practicing wisdom and patience, and being sound in our decisions.

We are now in a strange and unusual phase of recovery where some businesses have reopened, some are reopened with precautions, and some remain closed. This is in part due to the variations in the Governor's guidelines, and in part due to the varying sizes of groups frequenting the businesses. Local churches will not make the same decisions for live services. Some church buildings have narrow hallways or heavy traffic assembly areas, while some have larger passageways. Congregation sizes differ, as do the ages and medical conditions of the people who make up their memberships. Each church has to make its own decision, and we should not get bogged down in questioning the decisions of any church body. I will discus our ongoing plans with the Deacons and Brother Jim later this week. Please pray for us, and may our Lord provide His wisdom in all our decisions. May we give the Lord Jesus all the credit, honor and glory! PASTOR DAVID SKORUPA Hebrews 13:20-21 16811 Highway 22 N | Wildersville, TN 38388 | 731.968.7165 | "Serving the Lord's Kingdom & the people of our Parker's Crossroads / Wildersville / Lexington TN area"

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