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Sunday, 11 am and 6 pm
Wednesday, 7 pm Bible Study

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Your local church is very important.
Some think attending church is "optional" for believers today, yet your church family is an important part of Christian living.
Your local church is your closest reflection of the Kingdom of God. Much of the New Testament is letters to local churches. In fact, the last book of the Bible, The Revelation, is God sharing the future with believers in a vital address to seven local churches.

God wants His people to be active in a local church.
The local church is where we grow in wisdom, knowledge and faith. It's where we enjoy Christian fellowship and support one another in worship and prayer. It's where we're used by God to spread the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ as He continually pulls people into His Kingdom.
Pine Grove Baptist Church is a family of believers dedicated to Christ and His Kingdom and we're proud to be a local church.  We're always looking for opportunities for new believers to come and grow with our family. Is God calling you to Pine Grove? Let us know!


Salvation -  that is, being made acceptable to God so you may become one of His people, enter His Kingdom, and enjoy blessings of life here and in His Heaven - is through the Lord Jesus Christ alone.


The Bible is God's infallible Word. The writers of the Scripture were inspired by the Holy Spirit and their work has been preserved by God. The Bible helps people everywhere better understand Who God is, what He has done, and how one can be saved through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


People who have been saved by the Lord Jesus Christ are known as Christians. We were flawed before Christ saved us, and we still struggle in this life, but we rejoice that God is transforming us, sanctifying us, to be more like Christ. A wonderful time is coming when He shall change us, and we shall reflect Him perfectly for eternity.

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